Our strategy

Inhusol Group's strategy is primarily based on...

3 Commitments

which are the core of its functionning :

Ecology :
Naturally, a leader in the photovoltaic industry must join the action to the words.
This is why the Inhusol Group is fully committed to self-consumption solutions by offering products with certain components that are recyclable or rechargeable.

Proximity :
Despite the great growth of its business and sales volumes, Inhusol Energy Srl remains committed to its resources and fully expresses its desire to become involved in the European economic market.
Thanks to its investment capacity, Inhusol Energy Srl is today a key international player.

Bankability :
To ensure sound finances and treasuries (0 debt), the group adopts a risk diversification strategy by diversifying the types of investment, financing, but also the beneficiaries.
So, Inhusol Group to which Inhusol Energy Srl belongs, invests in various ways, providing financial support to start-ups, taking over companies with high potential and with cash requirements, in various sectors (electrical maintenance, real estate projects, renewable energies, medical-paramedical, restaurants, hotels ...).